JAC Motors Brand Vision


Concept and meaning: JAC regards industry change as an opportunity. While insisting on independent R&D, JAC develops products that new consumers love, explores new automobile sales services and travel services, carries out extensive strategic alliances and resource integration and builds comprehensive and well-developed business ecosystem to meet the diversified and personalized needs of users, create a better vehicle life and become a leading comprehensive automobile group with outstanding performance and is well received and respected by the society.


Implementation of quality management standards with scientific, advanced and perfected testing equipment and methods, ensuring JAC products reach world-class standards.​

JAC adheres to the central ideology of “quality is the foundation of survival and development”. Under the quality guideline of
“first-class products, advanced technology, continuous improvement and sincere service to achieve customer satisfaction”​


Provide customers with the optimal transportation solutions and driving experience to promote continuous progress of the world.



Be practical and moderate, Keep learning and innovating, Dare to strive forward, Maintain open-minded and coordinated, Focus on customer-oriented, Adhere to omnidirectional communication.



“Think & Create” is the grand layout of JAC to “create a better vehicle life”. JAC always stays true to original aspiration, adheres to the dream of manufacturing vehicles, and raises the banner of Chinese independent brand in auto industry.

“Be a Doer” is a concrete manifestation of JAC fighting spirit, and it is the hard power and pragmatic image of JAC Motors.



  • Wisdom
    Not only has an attitude of empathy, but also has a keen and forward-looking vision, and quickly finds effective methods to help consumers solve problems and create value.
  •  Vitality
    Continuous innovation, full of action, active change and continuous improvement; lead the industry progress with new perspectives and new concepts.
  •  Enthusiasm
    With reliable, trustworthy and down-to-earth research, relying on leading technology and long manufacturing history, strive to introduce high-quality products, and make consumers’ lives more secure and easy.
  •  Enterprising
    Always pay attention to customer needs, actively keep an eye on market changes, follow the market trend, and take the initiative to meet various challenges instead of waiting for opportunities to come.